Jan 9/ 2015

An Upgrade from HySecurity

Exciting news has come down the pipe from the team at HySecurity.  The StrongArm™, StrongArmCRASH™ and HydraSupply™ models now offer a new display.  The three models now feature a new highly visible Smart Touch Controller display and keypad with an expanded selection of English characters. Currently in place in all but the HydraSupply™ line (to be introduced in January 2015), the new display will make it easier for you to install, program, and troubleshoot. 

Cryptic code settings are a thing of the past.  The addition of two lines of sixteen English characters and numbers means you will no longer need a cheat sheet to interpret the message display.  What use to read “LT 3” can now read “Loitering Alert.” Now that’s a great upgrade!  

The improved displays also offer high-contrast LED characters with green text on a black background that make the displays easily visible in all light conditions, even in direct sunlight.  The display can also withstand a wide range of temperatures from -40 degrees Celsius C to 85 degrees Celsius  ensuring optimal performance in even the harshest climate.

Already have the old display units in place? Not worries. There will be retrofit kits available to upgrade.  

The LED display will be required for compatibility with exciting upcoming HySecurity high tech accessories, such as the HyNet™ communications hub.    

Upgrade to the fantastic new displays and keypads today!