Nov 21/ 2014

Exciting Improvements in Bottom Brackets

Richards-Wilcox is pleased to introduce new bottom brackets for our commercial overhead doors.  The new bottom brackets come with several improvements.  

  • The return (lip) at the bottom has been removed, which means you do not need to notch the bottom weathering 
  • The removable roller carrier allows replacement of the roller without removing the bracket or 
  • the cable (no need to unwind springs) 
  • The modular design allows for assembly of the outside pick-up on the same bracket, and the 
  • 2”and 3”roller carriers can be mounted on a common bracket 
  • Easier to install
  • Manufactured from zinc chromate plated heavy gauge steel to resist corrosion and increase weight capacity

With all of these improvements, now is a great time to order!  For more information please click here to review product pricing and details.